Where Can You Find LA’s Best Chocolate Croissant? In Pasadena. That’s Where.


Yup. You heard that right.  If you’re looking for LA’s ultimate chocolate croissant, you can find them in Pasadena – and it’s not from some French guy, either. Instead, it was created by a self-proclaimed perfectionist of Bosnian descent. His name? Haris Car. His idea? To create the ultimate chocolate croissant – which resulted in a 10-month trial and study of flour, protein, gluten content in flour, and hydration percentages for dough.


Haris is all smiles, and you would be too if they crowned your work as”LA’s Ultimate Chocolate Croissant.”


The end result is the ultimate chocolate croissant right in our backyard! Located on Colorado Blvd and Catalina, these chocolate croissants are worth breaking your diet for and can be had at CAR Artisan Chocolate! But don’t take our word for it! We know more about houses than we do baking, but we trust our friends over at Eater LA, and they’ve got a great feature on Haris and the ultimate chocolate croissant!

This would be worth an extra hour on the treadmill and a visit to the doctor.