The Beloved Vroman’s Bookstore closes its Hasting Ranch location

Vroman’s, the beloved indie bookstore in Pasadena, bid farewell to one of its two locations on Mother’s Day. After 20 years at the same location, this moment will be remembered as the end of an era for Southern California book enthusiasts and a significant change for the local community. The company explained on Instagram that the Hastings Ranch location was forced to close after the company couldn’t reach a new lease agreement with the property owner due to increasing occupancy expenses.

Vroman stated that 12 workers were affected by the closure, but the flagship store on Colorado Boulevard will continue to serve the community. Owner Joel Sheldon, who announced his retirement in January, is actively seeking new ownership to ensure the bookstore’s legacy lives on.

Vroman’s is also selling its Book Soup store in West Hollywood. In the Instagram post, Sheldon mentioned that the goal is to keep business going as usual to avoid disruption to customers and employees.

“We are looking for an individual or group of owners that understands the legacy of Vroman’s and wants to continue our core values.”