Tensions Flare at Pasadena City Council Meeting

July 8, 2024—Rent control Measure H, passed by voters in 2022, has been a contentious issue. Landlords claim it discourages investment in rental properties, while tenants say it provides crucial stability and protections to renters.

Several property owners vented frustration with the City’s Rental Housing Board, which oversees implementation of the law. They argued that the Board lacks adequate landlord representation and has dismissed their concerns. Read the Full Article HERE

Key Points of the Meeting:

  • Rent Control Debate: Landlords and tenant advocates clashed over proposed changes to Pasadena’s rent control laws.
  • Article XVIII Amendments: Debate focused on amendments to the Pasadena Fair and Equitable Housing Amendment.
  • Landlord Proposals:
    • Exempt single-family homes, condominiums, and properties with four or fewer units from rent control.
    • Allow passing through half of housing registration fees to tenants.
  • Tenant Advocates’ Opposition: They argued changes would undermine affordable housing and prevent displacement.
  • Measure H: Passed in 2022, landlords claim it discourages investment; tenants say it provides stability and protection.
  • Rental Housing Board Criticism: Landlords argued the board lacks adequate landlord representation.
  • Councilmember Opinions:
    • Felicia Williams: Suggested allowing voters to decide on changes.
    • Tyron Hampton: Emphasized the need for dialogue between property owners and the Rental Housing Board.
  • New Director: Helen Morales has been introduced as the new director of the Rent Stabilization Department.
  • Resolution Directed: The Council directed staff to prepare a resolution clarifying certain penal provisions but not broader changes to rent control laws.