IMAGES FROM BEHIND BARS: PFARIA's Sunset Social Mixer & Fundraising Event

Location: Behind Bars | Pasadena, CA | Hosted by PFARIA

This is the first part of our coverage of PFARIA’s Sunset Social. There’s more to come….

If you missed PFARIA’s Sunset Social Mixer & Fundraiser, let’s just say you missed out! It was held at the newly opened Behind Bars, a vibrant bar and social venue located in Old Town Pasadena’s Mills Alley. The social function attracted a full house, and the weather and ambiance made for the perfect atmosphere to socialize, fundraise, and have a great time! 

Attendees of Sunset Social enjoyed the chance to win exciting auction prizes, including an Apple Watch, Burke Williams massage packages, and tickets to the sold-out Rams vs. Packers game. However, the real highlight of the evening was the incredible people and industry heavyweights who attended. Familiar faces mingled with special guests like Dave Knight and Felicia Williams, alongside representatives from local charities such as Five Acres, Habitat for Humanity, and Sycamore. These guests showcased their support for the community and shared their visions and spirit of giving.

Sunset Social not only offered a night of fun and relaxation but also strengthened the bonds within the community, making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved. This event also set the benchmark for PFARIA, as they’re already in the planning phase for their next incredible event. And let’s not forget to mention the incredible food and drinks. In fact, there was enough food for many to take home, and there was definitely no complaining as the honey garlic chicken from Mills Alley Izakaya was truly incredible! 

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