PFARIA's Sunset Social Mixer: Coverage Part II

Location: Behind Bars | Pasadena, CA | Hosted by PFARIA

Sunset Social, an event organized by PFARIA, attracted a great crowd. Guests arrived with smiles, ready to break up their workweek with a delightful blend of unwinding and networking. Everyone was mingling with sounds of laughter and conversation, a testament to the event’s success in bringing people together. 

This was not just a social event; it was a fundraiser with a heart. The crowd’s energy and contributions were aimed at supporting three remarkable organizations: Five Acres, Habitat for Humanity, and Sycamores. Each cause represented a beacon of hope and progress in the community, and the attendees were eager to lend their support.


Members were smiling and having fun, their laughter filling the air as they enjoyed every moment of the lively event.

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