2024 Sign Ordinances

The following are general rules and guidelines for the placement of yard signs and directional signs for open houses in communities serviced by the Pasadena-Foothills REALTORS®.

Types of Signs

Yard Signs: In those cities with sign ordinances, real estate signs (including for sale, for lease, for rent) are usually classified as temporary signage. They are often limited to one (1) or two (2) signs per street frontage and usually are limited in size, either by square footage of the face of the sign or by the dimensions. In some cases placement on the property is specified as to the distance from the property line or from the structure.

Open House (Directional) Signs: Details vary from community to community but most of the guidelines are similar. Those cities with specific ordinances are strictly enforced and many assess penalties for violations.

City (Public) Property: Most municipalities will not allow open house signs to be placed on city property, which includes street corners and medians without a city permit. City jurisdiction often includes the grass strip between the sidewalk and the curb/street. This also applies to telephone poles, street signs, trees or equipment boxes on public property. Many cities also prohibit the use of fabric and plastic banners or paper signs. Attention attracting items such as streamers, balloons, banners, pennants or flags are not permitted. If an open house sign has already been set-up at an intersection and points in the direction of your open house do not set-up any more signs at that intersection.

Private Property: Always obtain prior permission from the owner of a property before placing an open house sign on someone’s property.



Pasadena Community Signage Rules: (626) 744-4009

Real Estate Signs:

  • 1 sign per street frontage.
  • Max. 3 ft. square.

Open House Signs:

  • Allowed while house is open
  • Illumination prohibited

South Pasadena

South Pasadena Community Signage Rules: (626) 403-7220

Real Estate Signs:

  • Temporary signs are allowed in all zoning districts subject to the following requirements.
    • Maximum area and height. Sign area shall not exceed six square feet and sign height shall not exceed 48 inches.
    • Number. No more than one temporary on-site sign shall be placed on any parcel. Temporary window signs shall be limited to 20 percent of the window area.

Duration. No temporary sign shall be in place for more than 30 days


Arcadia Community Signage Rules: (626) 574-5423

For Sale Signs:

  • One sign per property.
  • Max. 4 ft. square.
  • Post not to exceed 6 ft. high.
  • Max. 3 three riders.

Open House Signs:

  • 1 open house sign at street intersection during open house hours with permission from the private property owner and 3 ft. from the sidewalk.
  • No median strips.

Beware of the City's Sign Ordinance! The City of Arcadia impounds signs not in accordance with municipal code. Know where you can and can’t place your real estate signs


Burbank Community Signage Rules: (818) 238-3915

For Sale Signs:

  • One sign per property.
  • Max. 7 ft. square.

Open House Signs:

  • Must obtain a permit from the Department of Public Works. Permit will require indemnification and proof of insurance. Decals with a permit must be displayed on the sign as well as identification and contact information of the sign owner.
  • Signs no larger than 24”x 24” and no higher than 3ft. may be placed on sidewalks but not within 5’ of intersections, driveways, traffic signals or stop signs, or bus stops or benches.  Must be within 18” of the curb face.
  • NO more than 4 signs per property. May be placed Saturday or Sunday or federal and state holidays from 12 to dusk or 6 p.m. whichever is earlier.
  • May be placed on Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • No placement in roadways of center medians. City will confiscate illegal signs.


Glendale Community Signage Rules: (818) 548-2140

Real Estate Signs:

  • One per property.
  • Max. 4 ft. square.

Open House Signs:

  • OK in public-right-of way only on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Max. 18”x 24”, 3’ high.

La Cañada Flintridge

La Cañada Community Signage Rules: (818) 790-8881

Real Estate Signs:

  • One per street frontage/property.
  • Max. 12’ square.

Open House Signs:

  • One sign allowed on property during hours of open house.
  • Not permitted on city right-of-way without encroachment permit.

La Crescenta/ Altadena (LA County)

La Crescenta/ Altadena Community Signage Rules: (213) 974-6411

Real Estate Signs:

  • 1 sign per street front.
  • Max. 6’ square.

Open House Signs:

  • Prohibited on any street right-of-way or public sidewalk.


Monrovia Community Signage Rules: (626) 932-5520

Real Estate Signs:

  • No more than two signs per lot.
  • Not to exceed 6 sq. ft.

Open House Signs:

Not permitted on sidewalks or public right of way.

San Marino

San Marino Community Signage Rules: (626) 300-0784

Real Estate Signs:

  • Max. 3.3 sq. ft. or max. 28” long, 36” high.
  • Text must be 80% English language and Arabic numbers.

Open House Signs:

  • Must be entirely on private property.