REMODEL 101: Home Improvements Offering the Highest Returns



  • Painting a home’s interior, adding a home office, installing hardwood flooring, and closet renovations all received a perfect “Joy Score” in the new NAR/NARI joint study.


  • 83% of consumers say they would have remodeled, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • 86% reported that remodeling one area of their home then inspired them to remodel other areas of the house.


  • The highest percentage cost recovered from a remodel job was from refinishing hardwood floors | 147%.


  • 35% of owners said the single most important result from their remodel was better functionality and livability.


  • 35% hired a professional for their entire project.


  • 28% reported that they hired someone for the labor but purchased the necessary materials.


  • 22% of homeowners did the full project themselves, from start to finish.


  • The average kitchen remodel would be about $45,000. Realtors® estimated that $30,000 of that sum could be recovered as a result of the renovation. That would be a 67% recovery rate.



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