Friday, May 31st: PFAR will be closed for staff training.

Realtor Safety Day

Real estate is an exciting and rewarding profession, providing us with the freedom and flexibility to run our operations the way we see fit, on schedules we typically set. But despite the overwhelming positives our careers provide, there is an ever-present, underlying risk that’s not discussed often enough: Realtor® Safety.

Crisis can take many forms, and the reality is, as a professional who interacts with the public each and every day, showing open houses and advertising our personal contact information, Realtors® expose themselves to a unique set of risks. The best way to protect yourself? Be prepared.

Learn what to do and how to react in our upcoming free live stream featuring: Crecencio “VAL” Valenzuela, covering Active Shooter Awareness, Deanne Rymarowicz, discussing Cybersecurity: Wire Fraud, Malware, and more, Leigh Brown and the REALTOR® Relief Foundation, Julia Juarez, covering Natural Disasters and the Impact on Insurance, and so much more!