2023 PFAR Member Bowling Night

Photos: PFAR Staff | Words: Anthony Carter

Trecie (Director of Operations at PFAR), Emilie Broughton and Adam Bray-Ali

On the evening of October 19th, 2023, the Pasadena Foothills Association of Realtors®, treated its members and affiliates to an unforgettable bowling night at Montrose Bowl. This event took the edge off daily life, as it encompassed all the elements of a perfect social gathering: camaraderie, friendly competition, delectable finger foods, and three colossal pizzas that measured an impressive 54 inches in diameter each!

A special note of appreciation goes out to Jeff Beadnell of Logix Mortgage Lending for sponsoring this three-hour extravaganza. His generous support allowed PFAR’s finest members to come together for a night of bonding, laughter, and fun. Under the shimmering neon lights, industry professionals traded in their business suits and paperwork for comfortable bowling shoes and a few rounds of beer.

Trecie, Rian, and Maria Howard striking a pose. 

Carla Dane, the CEO of PFAR, perfectly summed up the essence of the evening when she said, “It was so nice to see our members having fun so much fun. Montrose Bowl was a great venue for this event.” Her words capture the heart and soul of the association, which extends beyond the world of real estate transactions. It’s a close-knit community that celebrates not only its members’ hard work and talent but also the profound sense of belonging they feel within the Pasadena community.

As the bowling pins fell and the resonant laughter echoed through the lanes, it was evident that this event had successfully achieved its mission of bringing the PFAR community together in unity and high spirits. The clattering pins mirrored the sound of hearts and friendships being built or strengthened, and the joyous laughter under the neon lights symbolized the true nature of unity that sets PFAR apart as an organization that values its members as colleagues and as an extended family. With an evening like this in their memory, it’s safe to say that the Pasadena Foothills Association of Realtors® can look forward to many more years of shared moments and continued success.

It’s all fun and games till Virgil Tolentino shows up. Prior to bowling a 250 average, Virgil can be seen here warming up his shoulder using a bag of rice in a stretching method he calls “Virgil’s Pampagana” 

Ruth McNevin & Mike Perry 

(L-R) Anthony Carter loves pizza,  Eddie “Air Ball” Ramirez, Nathan “The Thirst” Stark, and one of three XXXl pizzas!

(L-R) Desiree Magno, Jeff Beadnall (Title Sponsor from Logix Mortgage Lending), Zabrina Carrol, Erik Okland, and Virgil Tolentino. 

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