Pastor purchases property not knowing it is fully submerged in the Alameda Lagoon

The importance of hiring a realtor who thoroughly does their due diligence cannot be overstated. Consider this true story: A pastor from the Bay Area bought a property in the City of Alameda for $100,000, only to later discover that it was completely submerged in a lagoon. Astonishingly, his real estate agent had also failed to realize the property was underwater. The pastor, who lived just 35 miles away, had purchased the property sight unseen.

The situation has taken another surprising turn, as the property is now listed for $400,000.

This incident underscores the critical need for a diligent and knowledgeable Realtor®. A professional Realtor® conducts comprehensive research and ensures that all aspects of a property are fully understood before proceeding with a purchase. This diligence can prevent costly mistakes and ensure a successful real estate transaction.