Lift L.A. County’s Eviction Moratorium


All Hands On Deck! Support Item 7!

Supervisor Barger has introduced a proposal to end the Los Angeles County Eviction Moratorium. On Tuesday, Sept. 13, the motion will be discussed and voted on. Earlier this year, the County Board of Supervisors voted to extend the county eviction moratorium through the rest of 2022 with no definitive end date and reinstated the ability for tenants to forgo rent.

Los Angeles County is one of the last jurisdictions in the entire nation to continue pandemic emergency housing measures unchanged. This is wrong, and it is time for the countywide moratorium to end. 

Every single housing provider in Los Angeles County should get involved. Tell the supervisors to support Item 7 and lift the eviction moratorium and rent freeze in unincorporated territories.

County Supervisors are elected individuals who represent all corners of the county, from Long Beach to Lancaster and Pomona to the City of L.A. They must be held accountable.


How Can You Help? Let the Supervisors Hear Your Message:


When: 9 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13 
How: Call (877) 226-8163 then enter code 1336503. Press 1 then 0 to address the Board. 
What: Item 7 

*Call in right at 9 a.m. Follow the prompt and prepare for a long wait*. Request to speak on Item 7 and general public comment. Support Item 7 and tell your story.

Kathryn Barger, District 5





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Sample Letter


Dear Board of Supervisors, 


Support Item 7 and phase out the eviction moratorium and rent freeze. The continuation of these “temporary” emergency powers is wrong and unjustified. 

State and federal action put in place permanent protections for those effected by the pandemic and disbursed billions of dollars in rental assistance. Despite the enormous progress made both in our understanding of the COVID-19 virus and the economy, the Board continues policies that remain essentially the same as those that were instituted at the very beginning of this pandemic – ignoring entirely both the changed circumstances and the impact such policies have had on the County’s housing providers. L.A. County is one of the last jurisdictions in the entire nation to continue these policies. 

These moratoriums were specifically intended as temporary measures in response to the onset of the pandemic. Operational costs are skyrocketing. Housing providers continue to have no tools to combat nuisance behavior which is disrupting entire communities. This local emergency measure is being abused. 


The state rental assistance funds closed to new applicants, yet the county continues to allow residents to forgo rent with no financial assistance in place. The Board must take the just and responsible step to end the baseline moratorium for incorporated cities and restore normal operations. 

The County must lift the moratorium and rent freeze. I help house Los Angeles County and desperately need your help. 

Thank you for your consideration.