How Safe Is Your Password?


Now that our lives are managed, run, and preoccupied with digital apps and mobile phones, it is now more important than ever to have safe and effective passwords. Now I have to admit that I was the guy who had one password that could unlock just about every account I had in years past. This was my lazy way of never having to forget a password, but it was also the easiest way to have my life destroyed by hackers.

That said, I now use a password generator to create and store passwords for all my accounts, and the reason is simple: Security. The chart above shows you just how vulnerable any of your accounts can be, so read over it and see just how easy – or difficult – it may be for hackers to get into your account based on the length and characteristics of your passwords.

To protect your valuable information, always remember that a weak password is the first ingredient to what could ultimately be a recipe for disaster!