As REALTORS®, many of the business activities you engage in are impacted by local government actions:

  • Point of Sale requirements / inspections
  • Restrictions on For Sale and Directional Signs
  • Restrictions on property uses
  • Fees for licenses, permits, and filings
  • And many other issues as well

Furthermore, approximately 1/3 of all bills introduced in Sacramento and Washington D.C. impact real estate.

It is our job at PFAR to make sure the interests of you, and your clients, are protected when appointed elected officials are making these decisions. Additionally we are taking the time to increase awareness and understanding of real estate related issue in the community, so that a common ground can be found.

Join the Local Government Relations Committee

We invite you to participate in our Local Government Relations Committee – the second Tuesday of every month at 1:00 pm at the association office.

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Alternatively you can just be kept in the loop of issues impacting your business by checking in here, as well as downloading the REALTOR® Party App.

And make sure you respond to Calls for Action!