117th inaugural - THE HUNTINGTON

Flourishing in leadership

PFAR's 117th Inaugural & Awards Ceremony

Date: December 1st, 2023 | Location: The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens | San Marino, CA | Photos: PFAR Staff

Bill Podley & Ed Afsharian

Lynnette West-Cater, Juanita Hillman and company

Trecie Marts – Director of Fun. She will offer hip-hop classes for 2024, so you, too, can learn to do the Electric Boogaloo or the Funky Robot.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Barbara Kinkade gazed proudly at her daughter Lauren Kinkade-Wong as she had the honor of installing her as the 2024 President for PFAR. With smiles, and a few tears of joy, Barbara’s heart seemed to be brimming with joy and appreciation for the remarkable accomplishments that had led to this extraordinary moment. As Lauren Kinkade-Wong gracefully accepted being PFAR’s 2024 President, Barbara couldn’t help but reflect on the years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination that had brought them to this pinnacle of success. In that cherished instance, she felt an overwhelming sense of pride, knowing that her daughter’s achievements were not only a testament to her own resilience but also a source of immense happiness for the entire family.

A few of the best moments captured in time

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