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PFAR's 117th Inaugural & Awards Ceremony

Date: December 1st, 2023 | Location: The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens | San Marino, CA | Photos: PFAR Staff

Lauren Kinkade-Wong & Family

The 117th Inaugural & Awards Ceremony marked the induction of President Lauren Kinkade-Wong and the 2024 Board of Directors. This special event occurred at the elegant grounds of The Huntington in San Marino, CA, where distinguished Realtors and industry affiliates within our association created yet another prestigious and memorable occasion.

PFAR Treasurer Jon Butler hosted the festive yet emotional ceremony. One of the highlights was the installation of 2024 President Lauren Kinkade-Wong – which started with an introduction by her mother and former Realtor, Barbara Wong, as well as the return of our age-old tradition of “Passing the Gavel.”

The Calm Before The Storm: A few early morning pics during setup.

As the curtain falls on the final moments of 2023, we eagerly ushered in the dawn of a new era with the grand introduction of the 2024 Board of Directors. With an air of anticipation and excitement permeating the atmosphere, these esteemed individuals take center stage, poised and ready to embark on a journey that promises innovation, leadership, and unwavering dedication. As they stand on the threshold of a new chapter, the stage is set for them to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, steering the course of the future with vision and determination.

2023 Awards & Recognition Recipients

2023 Awards & Recognition Winners:

Bill Podley – PFAR Honorary Member for Life

Barry Jones – Lifetime Achievement Award

Rosey Bell – Humanitarian of the Year

Lin Vlachich – REALTOR®  of the Year

Naomi Farley – Lifetime Affiliate of the Year


Naomi Farley receiving her Lifetime Affiliate of Year Award. 

The legendary, Bill Podley, received his PFAR Honorary Member for Life Award and “Passing the Gavel.” 

Barry Jones receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lin Vlacich accepting her Realtor of the Year Award.

Rosey Bell accepting her Humanitarian of the Year Award. 

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