PFAR provides Ethics Advocates (EAs) to assist in the process of filing ethics complaints. An Ethics Advocate (EA) is a REALTOR® volunteer who has been trained to provide support throughout the disciplinary complaint process.

The Ethics Advocate will help you complete a disciplinary complaint and other required forms. If you like, he/she can assist you through the hearing procedures and represent you at the hearings. The Ethics Advocate service is provided at no cost to you. If someone has filed a complaint against you, you may also request an Ethics Advocate. The EA will help you with your disciplinary response and can assist you and represent you throughout the hearing process.

If you, as the complainant or the respondent, feel you want more protection than an Ethics Advocate can provide, you are free to be represented by legal counsel. If you have legal representation, be sure to inform the Professional Standards Administrator in writing.

Please Note: Ethics Advocates do not help with arbitration complaints, only ethics complaints.

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