Did you know LA County offers reimbursements if you hit a pothole?

Inclement weather and inadequate road maintenance contribute to the rise of potholes in LA County streets, especially after rain. The county recognizes the inconvenience and offers a reimbursement system for residents and motorists who incur vehicle damages due to potholes. By streamlining the claims process, LA County aims to alleviate financial burdens and promote ongoing road improvements for safer, more reliable streets. Below are a few ways to file a reimbursement claim with LA County:

City of Los Angeles

To file a claim with the city, visit the Los Angeles City Clerk’s website at clerk.lacity.gov and click on the “File a Claim” tab at the top of the homepage. That will take you to another page with more information and forms for filing a claim.

You can also call the clerk’s office at 213-978-1133 about submitting a claim.

To request that a pothole be filled, go to the city’s MyLA311 website, at myla311.lacity.org, or their app. From there, you can submit a request for a pothole repair.

Los Angeles County

Go to the county’s public works department’s website at pw.lacounty.gov and click on the “Report a Problem” tab at the top.

From there, you can either submit a request for pothole repair or receive further instructions on filing a claim for damages.

California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

If you drove over a pothole on the freeway, highway or other state roadway, contact Caltrans at dot.ca.gov. There’s a “Submit Damage Claim” link on the far right column with more information.