Directions for the 117th Inaugural Ceremony HERE


If you attended our PFAR Private Studio Event, you were amongst a handful of guests who joined us for an evening of pottery, painting, and blissful peace. This was part of our “Inducing Calmness through The Art of Pottery” event held at Color Me Mine in Pasadena. Literally, every seat was taken, and the evening was spent in deep focus and minimal conversation. 

Rather than interrupt those in the zone, I decided to capture plenty of candid shots and as always, we thank you for coming out. 

This was more than an intimate evening spent with friends and family, this was the perfect way for all of us to ease our minds and reap the cognitive benefits that come with painting. It was also a great excuse to sip a few glasses of wine and spend a few hours losing ourselves to our creative visions as we painted the night away. But it gets better, the event went so well, we are pleased to announce that this same class is already on our roster for 2023, with a date to announced early next year, so stay tuned!  

We wanted to thank you all for joining us. We appreciate you. A second set of photos come in the next few days.