City of Los Angeles First-Time Homebuyer Programs – LIPA & MIPA Programs

The Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD) is pleased to inform you that the City of Los Angeles has programs to assist first-time, low- and moderate-income homebuyers purchase homes in the City of Los Angeles.

Attached is LAHD’s First Time Homebuyer Program booklet and flyers, which contain information about the citywide homeownership programs currently available.  These programs are designed to assist first-time homebuyers with purchase assistance for the down payment, closing costs, and acquisition to help eligible homebuyers realize their dream of homeownership in the City of Los Angeles.

The Low Income Purchase Assistance (LIPA) program provides purchase assistance “soft second” loans up to $140,000

$115,000 under the Moderate Income Purchase Assistance (MIPA) Program.  Both of these citywide programs are open and have program funds.

We believe this information is beneficial for your members and home-buying clients.  Please feel free to share this information on your websites, social media sites, blogs, newsletters, and facilities.

For more information on LAHD’s First-Time Homebuyer Programs, please visit our website at