Cities Cracking Down on Signs

SIGN ALERT – August 2, 2017

Don’t be your own worst enemy.  

We are receiving complaints from cities, the public, and from your fellow REALTORS® about too many signs and about signs where they shouldn’t be.  

  • Do NOT put signs in medians.
  • Do NOT put signs at freeway ramps.
  • Do Not put signs on the street.
  • Do NOT put signs on sidewalks where they will impede passage.  
  • If there are a lot of signs on one corner, find another corner. 
  • Do NOT put out too many signs.   Open house signs are meant to be directional  —  not your advertisements.
  • Do NOT leave your signs out all day and night.


If you use a sign company, make sure they know the rules and post properly.

If we don’t police ourselves, local governments will do it for us and no one will be allowed to post signs.

Protect yourself and your industry by obeying the rules.