C.A.R. Group Dental & Vision | Open Enrollment ends May 15th

Open Enrollment Ends May 15th
Coverage Effective June 1, 2023

Take the next step to add or change dental or vision benefits. Add coverage, change plans, or add dependents during the Open Enrollment period.

MetLife Group Dental & Vision Plan Highlights

* NO Waiting Periods for services and no reduced benefits in Year 1 – you’re fully covered from day 1

* Large PPO network of dentists and vision experts through MetLife & VSP

* ANNUAL orthodontia benefit (instead of a lifetime maximum)

* Higher maximum benefits for using MetLife providers

If you previously terminated dental or vision benefits, you may not be eligible to enroll unless this is the first enrollment following a 13-month waiting period; or if you can provide documentation that you maintained continuous enrollment in another plan since your plan terminated.

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