Be Aware: Scammers Posing as Deputies Target Pasadena Business

A disturbing new trend is targeting Southern Californians as scammers are pretending to be deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Although these phone scams have been around for some time, modern versions have grown increasingly sophisticated and convincing to unsuspecting victims.

The scam phone call will often sound authoritative and create a sense of urgency. That’s the type of voicemail Carolyn Jaques received one day while working at her spa in Pasadena. “The first thing you think is, ‘Someone’s injured or there’s been a car accident,”’ Jaques said. So she immediately called the number back, and a man picked up the phone. “I say, ‘Is everything okay?’” she said. “And he said, “Everything is all right, ma’am, but you have a warrant.

I’m calling to let you know we have a warrant for your arrest.’” Jaques knew that wasn’t possible. She hadn’t committed any crimes. But the caller remained persistent.